"Nobody shall distill alcohol without a tax outside the building and off the land on which they live or work."

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Interesting and historical context not only of the mechanical models and distilleries.

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Interesting video and instruction about models.

The models are made in small limited series and their precise rendering, functionality and the use of quality metal materials make them a nice present appreciated by collectors. To make the model, we used a quality aluminium material with black eloxal coating which resists corrosion and high temperatures in an excellent way. At the model manufacturing we employ the same technologies that are used at the production of parts for demanding industrial equipment, electronics and aviation.

The distilling pot, the lid, side tube and coil of the condenser are 99% pure copper. Copper is worked easily and has favourable catalytic effects on the breakdown of organic esters and hydrocyanic acid. The pot and the lid have a hand lapped surface of contact. The blade of the firebox, spindles, pegs and screws are made of premium stainless steel, the measure is made of chemically resistent stainless steel fit for food industry purposes. Each model is marked with a unique serial number, which is engraved into the body of the basin.

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